About Us

Albarka Holdings

AL BARKA HOLDINGS UAE specializes in equity management, consulting and financial planning for private customers. Reliability, competence, professionalism and innovation are the values that set our company apart, always putting customers first. To meet their needs, bespoke strategies and integrated solutions are studied and developed, carried through by a tailor-made approach and aimed at supporting clients in their own family and business sphere. A single one-stop-shop for: asset management/investment advice private equity and alternative finance transactions asset planning tax planning property management risk management. 

The company was the brainchild of its 5 founding partners who chose to undertake a radically new independent path after 15 years’ of management and investment consulting experience in Network Marketing & BANKING SECTOR. The working group has grown over the years, seeing that both the range of services offered and the workforce have increased substantially.

AL BARKA HOLDINGS has spawned a number of other business units operating in group fund management services and in the distribution of insurance products. AL BARKA HOLDINGS today holds 100% ownership of the company, as well as complete participation in the other business units.

Our Vision

The challenge we face is to become a reference point for our clients in a global context that always calls for greater specific competence in dealing with financial, economic, management and tax issues. We aim to achieve this goal by tapping into our team’s specific know-how and experience in each of these fields. We enjoy the flexibility of a lean, independent company structure for best liaising with a knowledgeable clientele that always expects the best value for money.